We caught the Silversun Pickups at the House of Blues in Boston.  It was the second time we have had the privilege of shooting them.

07.02.16 - EUROPE

I have returned from a whirl wind trip to Europe to attend the 2016 EuroCup in France with a great crew.  We toured three countries - France, Belgium and Germany.  It was an amazing time with a lot of wonderful photo opportunities, the only downside is that I wasn't allowed to bring my camera into the two games we attended... C'est la vie

06.12.16 - SONREAL

We had the pleasure of shooting SonReal at the Sinclair in Cambridge.  He put on a highly entertaining show, if you haven't heard of him you will soon.

04.08.16 - rock n roll rumble 2016

Another year means another Rumble... We caught Preliminary Night #5 with Junior Classics, Choke Up and Worshipper.  For a full gallery check out our facebook page.

03.20.16 - andra day

Andra Day rolled through Boston on her Cheers to the Fall Tour.  We caught her at the Sinclair in Cambridge; for more shots check out the full gallery we did for Indie Minded.

10.05.15 - Contest #1

Thanks everyone who entered out first social media contest.  And the winner is....


On a perfectly clear night, Boston saw a lunar eclipse coincide with a Super Moon to result in some pretty cool shots that won't be possible again until 2033.

09.21.15 - contest #1

In honor of the new website, we are holding a social media contest for a free 8" x10"  print of any image 110dB holds the copyright to. 

For every Instagram follow or Facebook page like, page review or page share - your name will be entered into the raffle.  On Facebook, your friends' likes and shares will be accounted for as best as possible. Partial points will be awarded if it cannot specifically be identified back to you. Enter as many times as you like - social media links are located at the bottom of this page.  A winner will be randomly chosen on October 5th. 


Await Rescue played one of the Boston Calling Block Parties at Dewey Square in Boston.

08.31.15 - Welcome

Welcome to the brand new version of 110dB! While most of this site functions as an online representation of my work as a photographer, this section will be periodically updated based on the events I'm covering.  The social media links below, are also a great way to keep tabs on our whereabouts.